Photographers bring our brand and image to life. But what happens when the image does not suit the brand? The message becomes conflicted.  You have to re-start and spend more money getting the IMAGE right. Do not be confused with people that take great photos and people that are the creators behind the photos. The brand managers, artistic directors are the ones pulling the brand together, without this team you may look great, but your brand is disjointed and your revenue plan will fail.

Having a great photographer is only half of what you need!



​You owe it to yourself to capture your story and showcase what you stand for.

Your logo is who you are, and will be working while you're asleep.


A well branded logo that represents your brand will help your audience identify you.

Whether it's a symbol or certain font everything you stand for, attitude, vibe and beliefs will be injected into it.

We all know the Rolling Stones tongue or the Apple logo and what it stands for,

a well designed symbol with years of great branding injected into it.

Below are just a few examples of our work.


Video captures moments in real time. Whatever your video needs are, Velvet Stone can align the right director for the right project.

We use and all types of videographers from award wining directors to shoot and run cameramen. We direct and steer the brand shoot while managing every aspect of the project.

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