We create media that will be heard. So let's get your voice out there.


From the founders of ultra creative management company, Dead Horse Branding - Melissa Core and Rick Caballo bring you

Velvet Stone Media Group. As brand managers, we build and maintain every aspect of your brand. It's that simple.

Velvet was developed to really address the start up brands, the brands that need a very strong building and creative management team. We help you find your voice, be your message and look like you have been operating for years.  We are brand builders with an attitude - and that attitude says get it done yesterday.


Velvet Stone is about creative PR and marketing for your band, business, or brand of any kind. Derailed Development is an overall Brand Development company that comes with a strong creative sales & marketing perspective.​ When you are dealing with Publicity for a brand specifically - PR firms solely concentrate on the end destination and sometimes cannot extend their services beyond final promotion, leaving you in the dust.


Our in-house team that consists of brand managers, publicists and creative designers can pull your brand apart, fix the missing links, enhance the quality and promote you successfully. We are a team of 'sales meets creativity' and always think of revenue plans that will keep your lights on.

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